Available in approx.13lb  (average contents 10 pcs) and approx.28lb (average contents 20-22 pcs) packs.

The Peat Briquette

Our genuine Irish Peat Briquettes have been Ireland’s favorite solid fuel for over 60 years. Made from 100% natural content, they are just as suitable for open fires as they are for fire pits and outdoor grills and are easy to light. Ireland Earth Peat Briquettes have a long burn time and a high heat output, and of course will create that nostalgic feeling you can only get with the scent of burning real Irish peat.


Add Peat Briquettes to your BBQ grill or smoker.
Create an amazing new taste for your meat, fish or poultry by grilling over burning Ireland Earth Peat Briquettes! Just wait until the briquettes start to burn gray, like ordinary charcoal, then get started! It won’t be long before you are savoring the unique peat- smoked taste enveloping your favorite cuts!

Click here to find guidelines on how to get the best out of peat in your grill or smoker.


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